The first Guam SUBWAY® Restaurant opened in the village of Yigo back in September of 1989. Since then, the SUBWAY® brand has grown to a large following from the local population. Today, the restaurant count totals 14 throughout the island, from Yigo to Agat. Over the years, The SUBWAY® chain has supported numerous community events, including the Great American Smokeout, hosted by the American Cancer Society, and a countless number of health-related activities ranging from 5K runs to triathlons.

Our menu offerings on Guam are identical to the sandwiches you would find in a SUBWAY® outlet anywhere throughout the United States. We offer the signature “7 under 6” menu that offers a variety of low fat sandwiches. Many of our restaurants open early to serve breakfast items such as egg sandwiches, coffee, and juices. All of our products are imported to ensure we have the highest quality ingredients in your sandwich or salad.

Come in and try some of our Guam favorites, like the Turkey Breast or the Chicken Teriyaki. Top it off with cookies or a bag of chips in a Fresh Value Meal.