Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Start your day in a sizzlin' way with bacon, egg, and melty cheese on freshly toasted flatbread (or whatever you like). Pile on your favorite veggies and sauce. Start the day right.


Egg & Cheese

A classic for a reason. Our Egg and Cheese is simply delicious. Enjoy a fluffy egg with melted cheese. Try it toasted - It's unbeatable.


Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese

Enjoy savory Black Forest Ham, Egg and melted Cheese - all on your favorite bread. Add your choice of veggies for a tasty way to start the day. Hello, delicious.


Steak, Egg & Cheese

No matter what side of the bed you wake up on, you’ll love this. Yummy egg with tender and delicious steak covered in melty cheese. That's one beautiful breakfast.